Party Noire
Friday in Room 102BCD
4:00 PM  to  5:00 PM

The Party Noire community is an inclusive cultural hub celebrating Black femmes, QWOC, + Black womynhood along the gender spectrum + holds space especially for queer, trans + genderqueer and gender non-conforming Black people. We create experiences + intentional space for uplifting + affirming the lives of Black womyn, but this can be difficult when navigating a world that often undervalues and underappreciates black womyn + femmes who work to create and expand these spaces. “What’s the Future of Queer Black Womyn + Femmes in Nightlife?” will explore how Party Noire founders Nick and Rae, and other panelists have navigated the ups + downs of being queer black womyn in nightlife and what the future of black joy in nightlife could look like.