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In creating Wakandacon we imagined a place free and unshackled from the ravages of racism; of exploitation; of discrimination; of emotional, physical, and sexual violence.

In a place where our histories are no longer narrowly delineated, we are no longer weighed down by what has been wrought upon us. In a place where we are no longer defined by the expectations of others, we are released from preordained behaviors and predetermined futures.

Areas of Focus

Keeping with the Wakandan theme, we have identified four pillars which have informed the curation and themes throughout Wakandacon.


Wakandacon will act as a platform to amplify prominent black creative minds, in addition to raising up bold new upstarts. As our creative works continue to shatter record after record, we will proudly proclaim that our stories are stories for everyone, and that our creative genius is unique, aspirational, and worthy to be witnessed.


We are advocates of growing a stronger community for people of color. We want to create a place where people can come and make lasting connections – not only to other attendees of the convention, but to the community at large. It takes a village, but it also takes just one person to change someone’s life.

Wakandacon will be the biggest family reunion for all black people – a place where we can all come together and learn more about our sisters and brothers in the diaspora.


Only ~5% of engineers, scientists, or designers are black. Non-representation in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) ultimately slants the design and development of new technology if only certain viewpoints, concerns, and needs are satisfied. Diversity in technology becomes increasingly important as we transition from mouse interfaces, past touch interaction, and into augmented and immersive virtual reality. If we are to avoid the mistakes of the past, it is imperative that we all have a hand in creating the worlds of the future.

Wakandacon is committed to creating and supporting a pipeline to drive black students into careers in STEAM.


Blackness is an audacious, beautiful spectrum, and we aim to shift what it means to be Black within society - culturally, personally, professionally, and expressively. No matter what, your journey and experience is unique and valuable, and it shapes the culture.

No matter who you are, there is a place for you and your voice at Wakandacon. We welcome you to find your tribe.

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