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Wakandacon Chicago 2020 Postponed

Wakandacon is dedicated first and foremost to the health and safety of our attendees, vendors, panelists, and their families. No matter the cost, I absolutely refuse to risk even one life during this pandemic.

With this in mind, I have no choice but to postpone Wakandacon due to COVID-19. Wakandacon is a family event and is heavily attended by at-risk populations. My outlook was different a few months ago, but I currently believe that it will be unsafe to gather in large numbers without herd immunity or a therapeutic.

I hope to revisit an in-person Wakandacon in 2021.

I will be issuing full refunds to all of our ticket holders and vendors through their respective payment platforms. If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to contact me at david@wakandaconforever.com.

On a happier note, I am currently looking to convene one - or more! - virtual events to hold us all over. If you'd like to help me build something new, please send me an email at david@wakandaconforever.com.

Wakandacon is truly a labor of love, and I'll miss seeing you all this year. Until the next time we can be together in person, stay safe!

- David Barthwell

What is Wakandacon?

Wakandacon is a 3-day Afro-Futuristic celebration for comic nerds, gamers, pop culture buffs, big thinkers, techies, creatives, science geeks, dreamers, makers, movers, shakers and anyone contributing to the culture!

What's it like going to Wakandacon?

What inspired Wakandacon?

Who created Wakandacon?

Wakandacon is a brand-new kind of nerd convention.

We're creating a supportive, inclusive, and family-friendly event for people of all kinds to explore nerdy interests, educate each other, and celebrate the future of the entire diaspora. No matter who you are - you can find your tribe at Wakandacon.

Compelling content

A safe space for everybody.

A new convention culture. No marginalizing content. No inappropriate comments or touching. No "booth babes." Wakandacon is family-friendly, inclusive of all races, and a safe space for non cis men. Wakandacon is for everybody, and thousands of attendees agree!

Exciting cosplay for beginners and experts

Celebrating heroes of all types.

We believe that our stories are for everyone. From cosplayers to scientists to actors - come meet and celebrate the people who are doing amazing work in our own communities.


Our products, our prosperity.

Our vendor hall is packed with over 100 small businesses from our own communities. Come explore a universe of unique products that you can't find anywhere else, and know that your dollars are flowing back into local small businesses and surrounding neighborhoods.

"Amazing! Just the feel of home. Something that was ours. Freeing! It was like a convention, block party, and cultural event all in one, but it was ours!"

Over 3000 attendees from 2019 agree that Wakandacon is unlike any other nerd convention they've ever been to!

"It's so weird going to a con and seeing so many people with... hair like you... Skin like you... Not giving you weird looks. I don't feel like an outsider. I need more of this."

— Mikki Kendall, Chicago Reader

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