Realizing the Promise of AI (Presented by Microsoft Civic Engagement)
Friday in Room 102A
5:00 PM  to  6:00 PM

Artificial Intelligence is here now and is already being used in ways that is hugely productive to people and organizations. We are now empowering computers to take decisions that have previously been taken by humans. Imagine what’s possible when machines & humans work together to solve society’s greatest challenges such as poverty, disease, climate change, qne social exclusion. But as useful as AI is, we at Microsoft think that we must be realistic about the challenges that AI will also raise.

Indeed, we don’t believe that we can afford to look at this AI future with uncritical eyes. Microsoft has spent a lot of time thinking about how to deliver AI in a way that is responsible and realizes the potential in a way that also addresses its challenges. In this presentation, Microsoft Philanthropies’ Adam Hecktman will talk through both the promise of AI, and also the impact it will have on people, as well as the ethics that should underpin the new technologies associated with it.