All Weekend

Wakandacon partners with Wacoinda, the fastest growing economic group on Facebook devoted to the eradication of ecomonomic oppression everywhere! We will be highlighting Wacoinda’s "Garvey" as the Official Cryptocurrency of Wakandacon, and all attendees to Wakandacon will be able to learn about and earn the cryptocurrency for free.

Wacoinda has created a cryptocurrency called the Garvey. Based on the Ethereum Protocol, the chain provides a backbone for the development of applications that will edify the members of Wacoinda.

To get started with Wacoinda, you should sign up on their Facebook page and sign up to their Wallet.

You can sign up to their Facebook page here:

You can learn more about their wallet by watching this tutorial here:

Note: To use the wallet, one must get two referrals (sponsors) to share their special code with them. These codes can be found amongst the members of Wacoinda. Both parties will be rewarded with free cryptocurrency for connecting.

Share your referral code with other attendees of Wakandacon to multiply your supply!

You'll probably have numerous other questions! We encourage you to ask them on the Wacoinda Facebook page - the community is incredibly welcoming, and you'll start the process of connecting with the incredibly friendly community behind the cryptocurrency.