Video credit Chan C. Smith on Vimeo.

Wakandacon Chicago 2018 - The Inaugural


August 3 - 5, 2018

Hilton Downtown Chicago
720 S Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60605

"I noticed that the con was incredibly well-organized, I loved the program and the variety of themes, and also the depth and realness of the conversations, which I have not experienced with other cons. In general, the inclusivity and accessibility of the event was amazing."

- Anonymous Attendee

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Selected Articles

"Panels, poetry readings, and, of course, cosplay, all inspired by the record-setting superhero flick Black Panther. Think Comic-Con for the black nerd set—with more depth..."

Joel Reese, Chicago Magazine

"Wakandacon was a beautiful celebration of Afrofuturism, black creativity and innovation, and Black Panther. The A.V. Club was fortunate enough to be on the ground for the three-day event."

Baraka Kaseko, The Onion A/V Club

"It's so weird going to a con and seeing so many people with . . . hair like you . . . Skin like you . . . Not giving you weird looks. I don't feel like an outsider. I need more of this."

Mikki Kendall, Chicago Reader

"...a space where you can love what you love fiercely alongside people who look like you and share that passion — a place to belong.""

Devon Maloney, The Verge