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August 3 - 5, 2018

Hilton Downtown Chicago
720 S Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60605

"I noticed that the con was incredibly well-organized, I loved the program and the variety of themes, and also the depth and realness of the conversations, which I have not experienced with other cons. In general, the inclusivity and accessibility of the event was amazing."

- Anonymous Attendee

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"Panels, poetry readings, and, of course, cosplay, all inspired by the record-setting superhero flick Black Panther. Think Comic-Con for the black nerd set—with more depth..."

Joel Reese, Chicago Magazine

"Wakandacon was a beautiful celebration of Afrofuturism, black creativity and innovation, and Black Panther. The A.V. Club was fortunate enough to be on the ground for the three-day event."

Baraka Kaseko, The Onion A/V Club

"It's so weird going to a con and seeing so many people with . . . hair like you . . . Skin like you . . . Not giving you weird looks. I don't feel like an outsider. I need more of this."

Mikki Kendall, Chicago Reader

"...a space where you can love what you love fiercely alongside people who look like you and share that passion — a place to belong.""

Devon Maloney, The Verge


All Weekend
Dedicated to exhibiting the artwork of youth alongside working artists in order to promote social change. Join CMASJ as they lead attendees in creating activism buttons that raise awareness for a cause in order to push for change. Participants will be encouraged to use their creativity to design and reflect on social issue that they are most passionate about.
All Weekend
Mark is originally from Oak Park, IL and graduated from Oak Park-River Forest High School. He was a part of Black Panther as a Jabari Warrior, and did stunts in the film. He has also appeared in a variety of shows such as Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Sirens, and Empire, and commercials for large brands including Pepsi. He currently models for Target for their Goodfellow and Co. brand.
Saturday in Salon C Room 3
4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
The forum will consist of a variety of local Black artists in the Chicagoland Arts Community. We'll discuss our starts, our journeys, issues that we deal with, being our own brand ambassadors, and what is in store for the future for Black director/brand ambassadors.