An Afro-futuristic celebration where you can be a nerd about anything

Wakandacon is something new! It's an inclusive place where you can be a nerd about anything – pop culture, gaming, tech, womanhood, politics, or your own beautiful Blackness.

Why did you create this event?

We wanted to figure out how to recreate Wakanda in real life.

We imagined a place free and unshackled from the ravages of racism; of exploitation; of discrimination; of emotional, physical, and sexual violence. With that in mind, we hope to create a space for people of all types to come together, educate each other, and celebrate all of our passions. It's an event where we can dress up, dance, connect, support each other, and celebrate the entire diaspora looking past the present and into our future.

While our event is targeted towards establishing a positive and supportive space for black people, Wakandacon is inclusive and all are welcome to come celebrate together.

What makes Wakandacon different?


We are a small, independent team of siblings and friends creating this grassroots event in the spirit of our beloved community and culture.

This is a completely independent project - Wakandacon is not created or backed by any large corporations, all of our branding is created by our team, and all of our programming is curated internally.

Community Focused

Although we are as excited by major brands and entertainers as you are, we also wanted to use our event to celebrate the other amazing things that our community is doing and the people driving those efforts: community organizers, social activists, technologists, creatives, thinkers, and small business owners.

Unlike other conventions, Wakandacon is focused on the people and their work.


The Wakandacon space and the content we are featuring is being curated to be as inclusive as possible for all people. We want Wakandacon to be a diverse place in which everyone feels safe, supported, included, and encouraged to be themselves.

We also aim to provide equitable access, dignity, and safety for all of our attendees. Any attendees that have concerns should reach out to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Family friendly

Wakandacon will be an event with interesting content geared towards all of our attendees, both young and old!

We are creating some engaging, enriching, interactive programming for younger Wakandans.

Innovative Content

We curated our content to be an engaging hybrid of entertaining and intellectual. It was our goal to pair traditional convention content - celebrity panels and appearances - with more unique academic analysis, activities, and community based programming.

We hope that everyone that comes to Wakandacon will learn something new or discover a new nerdy obsession!


Wakandacon is a completely self-funded and independent event, and as such we wanted to salute other black entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Our Vendor Marketplace will be packed with exciting businesses - the great majority black owned and/or black run. We hope that all of our attendees bring their wallets and support the community!